Ask and ye shall receive

No, I’ve not been to see the Passion of the Christ, this is much more unholy than that.

I’ll warn you all now, this may not be pretty. However I’m determined to make this site more personal and if that means responding to a request here and there then so be it. With that, I’ll firstly let you know who to blame for this.

In response to this post, Zed of My Boyfriend is a Twat responded thusly: could you also add pictures of naked men ?

Ladies and Gentlemen, some of you may want to avert your eyes, indeed very few of you should actually click the link that follows (yeah right, I know what you lot are like, you’ve probably skipped ahead already, in fact you’ve probably already looked and are only reading this now.. well in that case don’t say I didn’t warn you!! Only got your impetuous selves to blame!).

A picture of a naked man.