Stage 2

Thank you all for your flattering comments about the re-design. I’ll let you in on a wee secret though, all I did was change two graphics, and two margin settings in the stylesheet. So the horizontal background image (repeated across the page previously) was replaced by a vertical background image. The banner was the other change. Then it was off to the stylesheet to make sure the background repeated vertically, to remove the ‘auto’ left margin and make the content column a little wider. Total time – 15 minutes. Sorry. It IS a good advocate for CSS design though.. sooo easy to change things.

Not finished yet, ohh and whilst I remember, for those STILL using 800×600 (you know who you are) I apologise for the horizontal scroll, however my main aim was to ensure the content remained visible at all times as that, I think, is the most important thing.

So onto the next phase of tweaks:
1. Add a little more room between the posts – possibly re-introduce a graphic between them?
2. Show/hide for the blogroll and the archives.
3. Figure out a way to make the miniblog stand out.
4. Make a decision concerning the URL – I’m swaying towards as the MAIN domain, with the .com and as redirects.

Of course I’m far too busy to do any of this… no really.. I’ve got real work to do, but well you know how it is.. put things off until the last minute… scared of failure… not confident in abilities… yadda yadda yadda… Oy! enough with the psycho-analysis already!