If you believe..

Was thinking of heading to bed early last night, decided to take a last flick through the channels and was rewarded with the opening scene for Man on the Moon. This was a movie I’d wanted to catch when it was at the cinema, and never managed it, I guess I could’ve picked it up on DVD but it kind of slipped my mind.

The film deals with the life of Andy Kaufman, best known as Latka Gravas in Taxi (you know, the one that spoke in a funny voice and wore white overalls). If you’ve never seen Jim Carrey in a serious role I’d suggest you watch this movie, he handles the role extremely well, handling the demons that came with Kaufman’s character with some empathy.

Rumours abound that Andy Kaufman staged his own death, but I doubt that.. although the film does hint at this in the final shot. Needless to say, when the movie ended I decided to find out a little more about the man, and came across a very good Andy Kaufman site (thanks Google).

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