Zip whoosh clang kerplunk

The past couple of days and nights have been a bit of a blur as I bury my head in a. work and b. Scottish Blogs.

Work is work, and we don’t talk about that here in any depth so I’ll just say PPFFFFTTTTTT!!!!! and be done with it.

Scottish Blogs is almost there… and then not quite. Two steps forward, one back at the moment, but I’m enjoying getting my hands all mucky with PHP. Ohh and the domain has now been transferred, after all my ranting it was pretty simple.. but could’ve been a lot easier.

Ohh and whilst I remember, thanks to everyone for their hosting suggestions. I’m already sold on for handling domain names (cheaper than by 50p!!) and will either head to or Hosting Unlimited for hosting but I’ll decide on that later.

Now, roll on payday and I’ll reveal the .com,, .net decision.

Right, I’m off for a Guinness. Sláinte!