[insert stream of vitriol]

I had/have four domain names managed by my current host. I’ve cancelled two of them recently as they were just a bit of silly fun (if you want or they will be available soon), the other two are for this site and I also use the same company to host the content for both of these sites.

I’ve managed (well I was very generously offered) some server space and decided to move the Scottish Blogs site there. So, I thought to myself, I’ll just get the domain name pointed at my new host (this consists of changing something called a nameserver, at the moment will be pointing at nameserverABC, I want to change it to point at nameserverXYZ – the nameserver then processes requests for the domain name and points them at the actual files that make up the site… still with me?). Sounds simple enough – change ABC for XYZ – yes?

Seemingly, and I’ve yet to get an answer to WHY, my current host can’t change nameservers for domains. Arsebuckets.

So I’ve signed up with and cancelled the contract for Scottish Blogs. If the following means nothing to you let me summarise.

I own the domain name If I want to change it I should be able to. Nominet agree, my host 1&1 don’t. I’ve written to both parties to get more information about this, and I will be hitting the forums soon.

I’m majorly pissed off about this. I’ve been happy enough with 1&1 but now want nothing more to do with them, I’ve had several emails and phone calls with their support staff who have been rude, and completely useless. Yes, there prices and packages are very good but if they don’t have the support to back it up then I’ve no choice but to look elsewhere, and if they can’t even manage to change a nameserver… well it looks like I’m looking for a new host for this site.

Any suggestions? offer a hosting package which I’m considering. All I need is PHP support, and a couple of email addresses, space and bandwidth aren’t too much of an issue.