Written on Wednesday…

Remember this? (both are internal links, don’t bother clicking them…)

Well it turns out that, some 14 years after Hospital Radio Lennox, I’ll be back on the airwaves. Nationally!!

The BBC Scotland Arts Show is doing a feature on blogging and I’ve already recorded my ‘bit’. Still to find out when it’s to be broadcast but … well.. to be honest, the experience was all a bit weird. Not bad weird, just odd weird.

I was conscious that, normally, I speak to fast and mumble too much, so I was pro – nun – ciating more carefully than normal (bit like when we moved to England…). Add to that the fact that 99% of the population sound different when they are reading something as opposed to when they are being interviewed and I’ve come over all queasy about it. Of course I should’ve prepared a bit better, especially when discussing Scottish Blogs but had a bit of a bomb dropped on me last night (well a hand grenade I guess and I’ve been watching the pin get pulled out for weeks… but it wasn’t anything I could really prepare for…)

However the researcher was very nice and friendly (hi Vivienne!) and I’m sure, once edited, I may even sound like a coherent human being. Well fingers crossed anyway…. I’ll let you all know when it’s scheduled to be broadcast and being the egocentric entity that I am, I’ll be grabbing my copy of Total Recorder to capture the moment for posterior posterity.