And then..

We talked about it. But I won’t here. Not yet anyway, still too early. Possibilities and change. In fact I’m not sure I’ll talk about it here at all, I mean if it doesn’t happen then what would be the point?

Vague enough? Yes… just…

So onto today, tidy the house, do some shopping, head to the cinema… What to see, what to see…

Or go for a walk. Ugh. Big grey clouds suggest otherwise.

In other news, one of our neighbours is cleaning what was possibly the dirtiest caravan in the world.

Come back later for more from the exciting world of me… riveting stuff this ain’t it…

Whilst I remember, I guess I need to switch to Moveable Type as I really want to start writing about some ‘professional’ topics and some web design thoughts as well. I’m happy to lump them in here with everything else, to a point, but want an easy way to find them later on.

Does anyone have any clever Blogger related ideas that would help?

I was half thinking of some form of meta tagging for Blogger posts but… hmm more thought needed.

Ohh and this has all come to ahead after reading and commenting on this posting by Tom (now, do I add a trackback for this? Or do I wait until I’ve written more on the topic?? What is the current trackback etiquette anyway? And does it matter as it seems that “Popular bloggers borrow from less popular sites with attribution” (via)

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