Mental Ants

(blame that GreenFairy wummin)

I hardly know where to start. Zip, whoosh, zoom. I’ve got a million and one thoughts flying about my head at the moment. A couple of things have cropped up that are demanding my attention, and they’ve kicked off the old ‘what if’ mindset again. Awaiting a phone call, but I’m doubtful it’ll pan out… but ohhh the possibilities.

One thing that is a constant drain is our financial situation. It’s not too hot at the best of times, still paying off some bad advice from several years ago and …. but I wasn’t going to moan was I.. ohh had I told you that? No I don’t think I had.

Yes, Happy New Year. My resolution is to try and be cheerier, more positive etc etc. I enjoy being a moody bugger most of the time but it’s really not too productive.

A quiet weekend ahead, which may not be a good thing to be honest as we’ll end up doing… well… not much, yet again. It was only when I phoned my Mum last night that I realised how little we do. I vow to get out more, go for walks, get to the cinema and all that. As long as it doesn’t cost money.

In a similar vein, and I remember feeling the same way last year, I’m looking forward to spring in our garden. There is still a lot of heavy work to do, hang the garden gate we bought when we moved in, landscape the front garden ready to plant up the conifers and heathers we’ve been accumulating, clear out the rubbish behind the garage (we never see it but I noticed the neighbours have tidied up on their side so I guess we’d better make the effort too). Of course looking forward to something is one thing, doing it quite the other.

I also have some personal news that I can’t mention here because the person involved wants to keep it quiet for the meantime. Louise is heavily involved and we are both delightfully happy for her but… well I’ve said too much already. It does add a little pressure to the whole diet thing mind you, but may just be the kick up the arse I need.

Scottish Blogs has stalled, but is beginning to pick up speed again. Ohh and that ‘item’ I mentioned – more on that over the weekend.

So, that’s the State of the Union of Me. Now I’ve just got to figure out what prompted it…

In the meantime, don’t miss what may possibly be the final ever cocktail session at Uborka.

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