Pulp Fiction, one of my favourite films… anyway, where was I…?

Oh yes, All-Star game was fun. It’s a lot different from a regular season game, a lot more showboating, no-look passes, behind-the-back passes, alley-oops, outrageous dunks and the like. Shaq was deservedly MVP, although Jason Kidd’s no-look, scooped alley-oop was pass of the night. It was also good to find out the Sky are upping their coverage, two games at the weekend and a ‘magazine’ style show on a Thursday evening (on Sky Sports 3).

Yesterday was spent randomly surfing, reading books and … well that’s about it. Today I’m pushing on with the Scottish Blogs re-design, and will be catching up on the blogs I missed yesterday.

Makes me wonder how I normally find time for work… hmmmm.

Although this week at work I get my new shiny laptop, Bluetooth, wireless (Centrino) and widescreen. Can’t remember if it’s a CD or DVD writer though but hey it’ll do…

Now, if anyone knows how to randomise an array in PHP….