Outlook 2003 Trackback

Remember my post a while back concerning some woes I was having with Outlook 2003? Well I may have stumbled across a possible solution. This is complete guess work though so who knows….

The error message I was getting, when Outlook would ‘disappear’ to the notification area (system tray) mentioned Exchange, and look what option is available on the Inbox Properties dialog (right-click your inbox and select Properties to view this) “Automatically generate Microsoft Exchange views”. If like me you are using Outlook to access a POP3 account then you may not need this… as I said, total guess work but has stopped the problem for me. I think that checkbox was forcing Outlook to try and connect to an Exchange server that didn’t exist, and instead of timing out and shutting down it just sat there… stubbornly refusing to quit.

If anyone can prove this works please let me know. I’ve had a few search referrers on this topic, it’d be good to present a solution.

Now, trackbacks. I ‘get’ the theory, but the practise is proving more tricky. Blogger doesn’t come with a Trackback facility so I can’t ‘use’ it easily myself, however anyone wanting to use it to link TO my site is more than welcome. I just wish at least one person would so I could see it working! Go on… please… someone…. anyone…

And finally, Hg says hello, if you are wondering he’s just very busy. No limbs have fallen off (although they might through over work). He’ll be back, but then we all knew that… we are just too good to stay away from!

Crap, forgot to mention this. Hurry hurry!