Chipped Chariot

Isn’t thinking up titles a bit of a bind sometimes? I like the Lockergnome approach where they use two random words from the newsletter. Makes it much more fun.

So, a few things to mention.

  1. French MPs back headscarf ban – This is really beginning to irk me. I spotted it last night. What they are actually banning is “overt religious symbols”. This includes “The wearing of Jewish skullcaps, large Christian crosses and probably Sikh turbans…”. So why are we singling out Muslim headscarves?
  2. The cleaners chipped my mug. Cost me 99p that. Some people have no respect for personal property. Grrrrr.
  3. Someone else got to break the foil seal on the coffee this morning. Damn my wandering mind.
  4. Overheard at the train station, muttered by a ‘close to retirement age’ lady: “Ohh I hate these early trains, I’d much rather have 20 minutes extra in bed”. I thought this changed as you got older? Don’t you old people enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn?
  5. Last night went as planned. No PHP. But I DID start a re-design. AND figured out how to do pull-quotes using CSS.
  6. Jeevan, the Haloscan man has asked me if I wanted to help moderate the forums over there. Being a power hungry empire builder I said yes… when do I get my winged chariot and thunderbolts?

And so my exciting life rumbles on (trundles on?).

The sad thing is that when I noticed that 2. had happened, I mentioned to 3. that I’d be writing about it.

Note to self: acquire a life.

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