(Great, now I’ve got that Sum 41 track in my head… hmm quite catchy…)

Tuesday night is Louise’s ‘night out’ with our friend Susan. They go shopping, go to the cinema, or just veg out with facepacks and wine. I’m left at home (thankfully).

I usually have a few items that I want to get done, and spend a few minutes tidying up or doing the dishes before the night is really mine. I really should push on with the PHP thing, I’ve got a re-design to start (for another site: I said I’d have a BETA with them by Christmas last year.. oops), I’ve got episodes of the new Smallville season to watch, about five episodes of the new 24 season to get through, and all of Sopranos season 4 to watch.

I’ve also got a few things needing done to the home PC (finding the device driver that keeps crashing the system), the ‘collectorz’ cataloguing software glares up at me from it’s shortcut on my desktop demanding that I fill it with all my books, CDs, and DVDs. There is a stack of books waiting to be read, not to mention a few ‘kept’ bits from the Sunday papers, and several bookmarked ‘longer’ articles that I’ve been meaning to read for months.

I keep telling myself that I’ll do a little exercising as well, the free weights laugh at me as I stub my toe on them, and the Yoga and Pilates books chuckle quietly to themselves as I moan and groan whilst struggling to bend over far enough to untie my shoelaces.

And what will I do? I’ll plonk myself down in front of the telly, channel surf for a couple of hours, play a little Pro Evolution Soccer on the Playstation before heading up to the PC and surfing randomly for another hour or so.

Before I know it, Louise will be home asking me what I’ve done.

“This and that, nothing much really.”

Such is life.

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