Go away

Don’t ask me why.

I’m in a bad mood.

Thing is, I woke up feeling pretty good, had breakfast, showered, decided not to shave, dressed, emailed some files to work, headed to the station, got on train.

Then the train stops between stations and we are told that due to a “technical problem with the train in front tae us, we might be a wee bit delayed or a wee bit cancelled” (“wee bit cancelled” – how is that possible?).

Anyway, we sat for all of 5 minutes before continuing so no problem there. I sit down, check my email, make a coffee, and head back to my desk.

And then they start. The voices. Loud and booming, distracting me with their: “ohhh soo very heterosexual male”, “I’m the biggest cat in here”, “No I’m the biggest cat in here” wafflings.

No, no. Not the voices in my head. The wankers in the office.

As I said. I’m in a bad mood.

I’M the biggest cat in the office* – HEAR ME ROAR!

OK, I’m not really claiming that. I’m more like the hyena of the office, I can bite, but I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat around the lions. What kind of ‘office-cat’ are you?
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