BBC Anything But Impartial (via Vaughan)

I should really muster more energy from the rage this has given raise to, but I simply don’t want to waste it on something that is soooo far beneath us all.

“I watched the BBC’s output during the war … posing questions that revealed an anti-war and anti-American agenda, not to mention the huge issue of chasing Tony Blair around for the crime of being so friendly to the Americans.”


Anti-war = anti-American?

“the BBC displayed the biases of Britain’s chattering classes โ€” that Bush was a moron, that the war was illegal and immoral, that the American people were too stupid to elect a man who ends up running the world, and that somebody smart enough โ€” like the Brits โ€” should take over that all-important job.”

“Bush was a moron” – ahem.. “WAS”?
“the war was illegal and immoral” – it was.
“American people were too stupid” – Eh? I think you’ll find that it was a clever designed voting system that ‘elected’ George W.

I read a comment somewhere (sorry can’t recall where) that the whole ‘Janet/nipple’ debacle has prompted a federal investigation, this is despite the fact that a war that is STILL claiming lives has taken a year to get to that stage and doesn’t seem to be getting much further.

No, I’m not saying any more.

Mind you, I’ve got a full crate of ‘pent-up rage’ energy here… any offers?