Viewpoint Required

US apoplexy over Jackson flash.

Yes, THAT Superbowl story which seems to have kicked off an almighty fuss in the US of A.

Or has it?

I’d appreciate any American viewpoints on this but it does seem that the majority of people (the general public) aren’t too outraged, where the minority of people (those in the public eye, politicians, etc) are “apoplectic”.

Let’s be honest, are we surprised that some politicians, high-ranking members of the church, and other “representative groups” are kicking off big time? No of course we’re not. These groups need any excuse they can get to keep the spotlight away from what they stand for and ensure they are seen to be doing the ‘right thing’. Now I’m all for doing the ‘right thing’ but, and this isn’t really a request so ignore the phrasing, can you let me make up my own mind please?

The spiralling standards of society are an easy (and somewhat valid) target, but these things cannot be viewed solely. This ‘incident’ came in the middle of an entire routine featuring scantily clad dancers, moving in a way that can only be assumed to suggest a sexual act is taking place. I’m no prude, but that section of the show would’ve been know during rehearsal – what if we hadn’t seen a breast, would there have been complaints about the dress code of the dancers? – they felt happy enough with that part of the show, and inch for inch Janet was still exposing LESS flesh than most of the dancers (yes, yes, AFTER she got her tit out)

To be honest I find the whole ‘hoo-haa’ over this a bit puzzling. For years, American TV has happily shown low-grade dross, screened ever more titillating music videos and been quite happy to contribute to the ever-lowering of standards in general. Can’t blame them though, it’s all about choice, you don’t HAVE to watch (and anyway, they are getting a nice wad of cash each time they show that “Dirrty” video).

So, let’s get one thing straight. I like sex, I like titillation, I like erotica, I’m not adverse to seeing a woman partially, semi- or even completely naked. I don’t even have to look very hard to find any of this. I am aware that a woman’s body has different bits to a man’s. My lord and master TV/magazine has made it so.

So.. eh.. remind me.. what are we all getting so worked up about?

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