Scaredy Cat

It’s amazing what you find when you actually check your Draft postings, this was written in October last year.

Ernie has some … issues relating to things that scared him as a child.

Me? Dr.Who. The opening credits were enough.. that damn music… that brainsucking opening sequence (stereogram type zooming effect).. and that was me, either bolting out of the room, or cowering behind a sofa with my hands over my ears.

This always happened at my Gran’s house, obviously my Mum and Dad had it sussed and didn’t let me start to watch it.

Other things that scared me:

1. The basement in my Gran’s house – the old coal cellar where a mop handle once fell over as I opened the door, the dark stringy sooty mop head looming into view scared the bejesus outta me. I didn’t go back in there until I was 19, and kept a wary distance even walking past the door!

2. Opening credits to Tales of the Unexpected. Again with the music!

3. War of the Worlds. Beeee oooo, beee oooo, beee oooooo. I’m seeing a pattern developing.

4. A UFO book I had as a child. Well I’m guessing it was actually my Dad’s. It had loads of illustrations to go with the real life abduction stories. Including one where the glowing alien is peering up from the foot of a bed, tentacle outstretched. Nightmares? Pah. You’d have to get me to sleep to have them!!

5. Lamps. Well the two little prongs that connect with a light bulb. It hurts when the power is on and you push them down with two little fingers. Hey, I was only 9!

So, what scared you when you were little?