Cold, wet, grey, miserable.

The perfect day to stay at home and catch up on some watching.. Series 4 of Sopranos anyone?

In reward for yesterday’s cleaning/tidying efforts I was allowed out to the cinema… kidding. I was dragged out to see the latest blockbuster by Mr.Cruise (Mrs. McLean is a life-long fan, all the way back to Risky Business). I’ve come to accept these events as part of the compromise of marriage.

So The Last Samurai. A simple enough story of good versus evil. But more so, as I have to say that Tom Cruise is beginning to develop into a very good actor. I think the subject matter of the film helps, as does the script, but that shouldn’t detract from a very watchable movie. The battle scenes are very well done, and the emotional involvement is nicely handled as well. Recommended.

Other than that, things are still on track in 2004. Books are being read (books in the house that I’ve not read, despite owning for most of last year = 18), keyboard is setup (bought for Christmas 2002 and played, maybe once… I think I’ll pick up some Jamie Cullum next), and dieting is on track. Need to up the exercise ratio but that’ll improve with the weather.

Yes, I’m feeling very organised. Pity I’ve not gotten anywhere near this list yet.

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