Want a cola?

Genericized trademarks (via the ever excellent Things Magazine) – Just goes to show how language evolves.

Still a bit bleuch. Working at home though so can kick back on the sofa (thanks to my wireless connection) and at least be comfortable (I did toy with lying in bed with my laptop but that might be considered taking the piss).

Last night was quiet, Louise was out, so I watched some telly for about an hour before the ceaseless junk forced me to turn it off and I headed upstairs to finish installing the last few applications missing since my recent re-format. I used Belarc Advisor to get a list of what I had installed, and whilst I won’t be re-installing everything there are a few things I’d missed out, mainly downloaded stuff that I hadn’t stored anywhere.

One thing I still had to do was hook up the iPod, which meant re-installing iTunes, which meant that I (again) forgot to un-check the “please re-arrange my carefully maintained music files into a scheme I don’t use” option. Arse. It’s not too bad, as both iTunes and I use the same Artist/Album folder structure, but when it got to the Xmas folder which contains around 300 Xmas tunes from a huge variety of artists… well… you get the picture… urgh.