So… Anyway… as I was saying…

Do you have difficulty making conversation with some people? Once you are past the weather, how they are feeling, what they got up to at the weekend.. what then?

Or are you one of those people who can maintain conversations easily, always seeming interested in the other person, asking questions but never prying, sharing anecdotes?

Or are you a self-obsessed neurotic, never happier unless you are talking about yourself and your problems?

I’m the first (with a little of the third thrown in). I’m excellent of thinking up conversation topics… after I’ve parted company with someone. Not a very handy skill that. It’s not a permanent affliction by any means, some days you can hardly shut me up, but I learnt early on that my social interaction improved if I was a little more relaxed and this translates itself, usually, in the pub where I drink quite fast at the start of the night in semi-conscious desperation to reach that happy point of lucid interaction with others.

Are YOU a conversationalist?