For some reason, without fail, I wake at around 7am at the weekend.


Wide awake.

Can someone explain why?

I should point out that I don’t actually get up at that time, I usual doze off again after about 10 minutes but it’s getting a little tiresome. Particularly when I struggle to get up at 7am for work (But I think I know why that happens…).

Anyway, spent most of last night re-installing software and generally tidying out old files and stuff. Still got bits and bobs to do mind you but all in good time. XP seems to be behaving a lot better now, and I think I solved the screen saver/power mode issue – thanks to everyone who commented and emailed offering suggestions and help, it was much appreciated!

And finally, I decide to move the miniblog a little further up the page to ensure those of you with lower resolutions can see it better. Thanks to Hg for the suggestion, if there is anything you would like changed here let me know, I may write and post for me, but I kinda hope my dear readers enjoy the experience too.

Right, off to burn some CDs, grab a shower then head off to sunny Dumbarton, which for a change is actually sunny today (unless my Mum was lying to me to get us to go through to visit… Mum?).