Friday is cake day at work. A hapless victim Someone volunteers to go along to Greggs and bring back about Β£20 worth of cakes, doughnuts and the like. There’s always plenty to go round and towards the end of last year I was sneaking in a mid-afternoon yum-yum to go with my morning fudge doughnut.

Alas this is 2004, the year of weight-loss.

Which means no cake.


Thing is, I’ve already started the justification of why I can eat a sugared doughnut. It’s a little discussion in my head, you know the one, you do the same (don’t deny it…). The one where you say things like:

“I’ll have a doughnut as we are going out for a long walk at the weekend, and anyway, I’ll be really good at the weekend and really, what difference will one little doughnut make?”

You then progress to stronger reasoning:

“All the experts say that moderation is the key and you don’t have to deny yourself anything, just cut back. Last year I had two cakes on a Friday, this year I’ll have one, in fact I’ll only have one every two weeks… that’s much better”


“Balancing your diet is essential, so I actual NEED a sugared doughnut to ensure I am getting the required sugar intake for the day….”

It really is amazing how a person’s mind works, although it is difficult to capture the full extent of an internal dialogue in words.

Mainly because my fingers are covered in sugar coating.