Snobbery response

As mentioned yesterday:

1. What are you snobbish about?
Everything. That doesn’t mean I can’t ‘lower’ myself but does mean that I am constantly evaluating things against the own scale of “snob” in my head.

2. How does your snobbishness play out?
Hmmmm. Probably patronisingly. I’m frequently to be found back tracking after I phrase something the wrong way. Of course, as we all know, the initial phrasing (like the initial cutting ‘joke’ remark) is usually the truer indication of what some is thinking.

3. Do you justify your snobbishness with aesthetics and empty rationale?
No. Errrr, yes? Put it this way, I accept that I am a snob (to a degree) and openly state so. But does that statement mean I’m justifying my snobbishness… or does it mean that I’m really trying to garner approval for the way I think (something that we all do on a variety of levels).

4. What is the worst or “wrong” kind of snobbery?
Blind snobbery. Life isn’t black and white.