Real Drama

Eastenders? Corrie? Pah!

If you want REAL drama, life and death stuff, literally, then I suggest you tune in to BBC1 at 7.00pm for Big Cat Week.

It’s a programme I’ve caught on and off for a few years now, and each time I wonder why it’s only 30 minutes long. It’s engrossing, truly nerve-wracking at times, and is ‘must-see’ viewing in our house.

I guess it’s almost reality TV for animals, the style is very fluid, shot with hand-held cameras in the same vehicle (mainly) as the presenter, and it’s obvious that the team know what they are talking about and have a real, and very infectious, passion for what they are doing. On top of that it’s wonderful to watch these beasts in their natural habitat.

The closest I’ve come to experiencing anything like this was at Woburn Safari Park. We took the car round the Safari Drive and spotted two male lions sitting at the top of a hill. Just as we passed beneath them they started to roar. The sound was incredibly loud, and I will admit to cracking the window open a fraction (after checking none of the lions were anywhere near) to get the true effect. Awesome.

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