Thank f… goodness

Oh, R-o-ob, The Bad Words Won’t Go Away: “The f-adjective is now one of many intensifiers in English, like ‘extremely,’ with a flavor surely pungent but barely sexual”

I admit that I, all too readily, use the f-adjective too much (one of my silent New Year resolutions is to swear less often) and people rightly chastise me for being lazy as I should really know better, particularly in my line of work. However you can’t deny that swearing is common place these days and as language evolves it is part of the evolution that sees swear words promoted to everyday usage so easily.

Therein lies the problem. We are running out of swear words, and I mean REALLY new swear words (not the merging of two existing words as favoured by my wife; e.g. wankfuck).

So, dear reader, a challenge!

Bring me your brand new swearwords! You phlaick maytle, you!!