I own, ohhh that’s wrong to start with..

LOUISE owns an iPod, but as she drives to work and I get dumped onto our wonderful transport system, I get the iPod to use most of the time. It holds a couple of varied playlists of mine, several favourite albums, some music-snob albums and a few of those albums that you always never listen to.

You know the ones, you scan by them on the shelf, pausing briefly thinking “I really should listen to that” before heading back to safer ground and listening to The Bends, or Dummy, or Mezzanine for the four hundred and twenty second time (ohhh OK, Police Greatest Hits or Aerosmith Big Ones, you found me out).

I have several albums like that, some bought via recommendation (Emperor Penguin, Gavin Bryars), some bought because of the artist (Neil Finn, Pearl Jam), and some picked up cheap for no reason other than the evil that is FOPP.

So a quick scan of the iPod this morning and “Neil Finn – One Nil” caught my eye. I think I’d listened to it once a few months back but couldn’t recall anything about it (so probably not listened to it at all). The album is typical Finn, glorious harmonies, smooth sultry melodies with the occasional jarring moment to remind you that what you are listening to is very much alive and riddled with emotion.

I think this could be a new usage trend for me and my (sorry her) iPod. Limiting the “known” music in favour of the unknown or “least listened to” albums, something I can easily find out thanks to iTunes smartlists.. .why it’s almost as if those clever Apple chappies put some thought into this!

Current least listened: Neil Finn – One Nil
Current music snob choice: Photek – Modus Operandi

What are you listening to at the moment, and why?

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