XML RSS Acronym hell!

OK, who the hell decided on bright orange for that damn XML button that is popping up all over the place… mucking up me colour scheme it is…

Anyhoo, you can now use a RSS 0.91 XML feed to read this site. If that made sense to you I’m glad as I’m a little out of date with this side of things (one of those “well I can’t get one at the moment so I’ll ignore all the hoo-haa).

However, having discovered that most of the sites I visit offer XML syndication (as I’ve learnt it is called) I went and downloaded a newsreader software thingymajig – FeedReader.
Seems easy to use and.. well kinda lacking feature-wise I think. So a quick google search later.. and I start getting bored and don’t want to download and install 20 different pieces of software so I turn to you, dear reader. If you use an XML/RSS/RDF reader thingy, which one? Which one is best? Help!

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