Odd steps
I had to laugh when I saw this over at vodkabird – the bit about the steps.

We have something similar in Hamilton leading from the town centre to the Hamilton Palace area (on the way to Asda etc). Whether descending or ascending these steps you always had to take 1 and a bit steps between them. The height of the steps is quite shallow which is just as well as I have, on several occasions, stumbled up them expecting the edge of a step and finding thin air. The design of the steps prompts thoughts that the designer was either eight feet tall, a midget, incompetent or just down-right malicious.

Or maybe it was the same ‘architect’ who designed the three adjoining roundabouts in Aylesbury. A wonder to behold, they are truely mind boggling when you try to drive round them with the entrance to one being the exit of another and traffic from the third crossing your path. I always got the impression that whoever had been charged with the design had accidentally left three coffee cup rings on the plans by accident.