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Over at the kitchentable, Stuart is able to name who does the train announcements for a couple of rail stations (or thinks he can anyway). It got me thinking about the ‘new’ voice of Scotrail. You see they’ve started running new trains, with nice LED displays of which train you are on, armrests for most people, etc etc. You also get a ladies voice telling you which stop is next.

Trouble is she sounds like… a Senga. I apologise to non-Scots, but hopefully any Scottish readers will know what I mean (and any of them called Senga won’t take offence, well they will, but it’s too late now).

You see the voice sounds like they stopped a 15 year old lass in the street after picking her carefully from the way she chews her chewing gum, is wearing 14 ‘gold’ necklaces, 27 bracelets on one arm and pushing her 3 year old twins in their pram whilst her man (aged 16 if he’s lucky) tells the kids to ‘shut the f*ck up’ as he’s ‘had enough of their whiny mouth crap’.

I’m just waiting for the day when her automated voice tells us to “C’mon, git aff…” *

Or maybe I’m just commenting on the young couple who I saw as I walked to the station last night.

* Seemingly this phrase originated from the clippies on Glasgow trams, causing much hilarity as people paused, mid-step, unsure where to get on or off the tram.. seemingly.

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