We’ve had road rage, queue rage, and a lot more, but why does it happen?

Anyway, I will happily admit to being a rageaholic. Road rage occasionally but mainly pedestrian rage. This morning, for example, was obviously the perfect morning for four people to go for a stroll along a busy Glasgow street. How better to enjoy each others company than span the entire width of the pavement and not walk too fast in case the sound of their footsteps interrupted the flow of their, obviously important, conversation about Eastenders last night.

And imagine my suprise when, as I shoulder-charged my way through the line screaming “F*ckin move!!!”, they had the audacity to glare at me and sarcastically reply “Well excuuuuse us…” as they picked themselves up from the pavement. If I hadn’t been trying to get to work I might well have stopped and given them a piece of my mind!

Of course, that never happened but believe me the temptation was great, especially as the middle two were leaving just a little bit of a gap…

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