Die Another Day
Finally got around to seeing this last night (first film on our monthly film ticket at UGC Cinemas). Initial reaction was pretty good, but I know a lot people who didn’t like it, saying that it strayed too far from the ‘Bond ethos’ (yes someone actually said that to me). However I think that it was exactly what the ‘ethos’ needed. I remember Pierce Brosnan saying he was only interested in doing this (another Bond) film if he could progress the character, something which none of the other Bond films managed. The opening scenes, are part of that, as is the humanity and depth that Brosnan manages to impart a little of into the dinosaur that is Bond.

Stunt wise it was on the money, gadget wise it was… a little too far fetched on occasion… Bond girl wise it may be my favourite yet (especially a fight at the end between the two ladies… phwoarrrrrr).

Ohhh and I must say I was a bit taken aback at Madonna’s appearance in the film (for all of 3 minutes). Her outfit and styling (whilst screaming upper-class schooled, slightly butch, lesbian) made her look old. Where has the nubile, sexy woman of my early teenage gone? Oh yes, same place as me…