Working at home
It’s oh so quiet, and I’m getting loads done. The main thing I enjoy about working at home is the freedom it gives you. I did a couple of hours last night so I could have a bit of a lie-in, and I’m ploughing through various bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to tackle for ages.

I know that studies back me up, but I get SO much more done working at home, without interruptions to talk about the weather, or whether I think ‘such-and-such has dyed his hair’, or ‘did you see the Liverpool game last night’.

Which I did, what a game and what a pity Liverpool didn’t make it through to the next stages, exciting stuff though (especially for Louise who was quietly sitting doing some cross-stitch when, after Liverpools second goal, I leapt up and yelled, frightening my beloved wife half to death)

Anyway back to work.