Quiet, relaxing weekend.

Kicked off on Friday with a swim and a sauna before dropping my sister off at the airport for her holiday.

Saturday, coffee at Crema, some more window shopping, then dinner at home followed by ‘Ali’. Will Smith was OK, but the story was a bit.. fast? Seemed to zip past incidents without much reference. Followed this up with ‘When we Were Kings’. Fascinating, insightful, a masterful documentary. Even if, like Louise, you don’t like boxing, it is a well crafted piece worthy of your attention.

Two bottles of red wine (drunk mostly by me) and a wicked chocolate cake cooked by my beloved, and we finally went to sleep at about 2 a.m. after sitting up and talking about everything and anything.

Sunday came, Michael won, Ernie won, the sun came out, so did my bike. Read two Rebus books (3 & 5), so that’s me up-to-date with those, and I didn’t cut the grass.

How was your weekend?