We’re not a progressive nation, are we?

David Aaronovitch is a regular read of mine, we seem to have a similar outlook on many things, and again he pegs what I want to say much better than I could and with much better research, but you wouldn’t expect much less from a professional journalist, would you.

The recent move to reclassify cannabis to a Class C drug was, as he states, a bold move by David Blunkett. Unfortunately, like most bold moves on the topics of drugs, sexuality and freedom of choice in this country, this will no doubt sit in the House of Lords until public opinion has moved on. Personally I blame the class system for this kind of pervading “dregs of society” type attitude held by the, still, upper-class dominated House of Lords.

Now if someone can explain to me why, in a democracy, a Bill can stall in a ‘committee’ of unelected peoples… well I’ll be most grateful.

(I was going to work in some comments by the current ‘Toff’ in the Big Brother house but it would’ve been a clunky move across… so you’ll have to wait)