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First trip to gym for over a week, so I ache a little, but before I head off; to the driver of the black Astra, the reason I tooted my horn (which sounds a lot more polite than it should) was because you came within an inch of removing the front bumper of my car as you cut in front of me. Stopping in the middle of the road, sticking your head out and shouting “What’s your problem?” only adds to my suprise that you have enough brainpower to be able to drive a car. There that’s HIM told!

I don’t talk much about work here, but things seem to be slowly improving, I’m glad I waited it out, as I’m sure the company has a big future, what we do IS clever, and CAN make us all a lot of money. But of course I’m only in it for the recognition… ha ha ha…

Ohhh and N2S: Think a tweak or two is needed to clean things up a bit, it’s all getting a little cluttered.

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