East Kilbride shopping centre early a.m. – hunting for wedding present and purple attire, found neither.

Hamilton for lunch – same shoppng goals – got wedding present, a lovely set of glasses (more on that in a sec).

Glasgow for secondary shopping goal – purple attire – remembered why we don’t travel across the city at 2pm. Spend 90 mins stationary in car. Curse sister for have a purple themed 21st birthday party. Give up and go home.

Wedding reception in the evening. Get togged up, go to reception, have better time than expected. On leaving bride mentions the engagement present we gave them that they had just gotten around to opening… yes, you guessed it, a box of glasses. Doh. Oh well, should see the funny side of it I hope…

Today, gym a.m., Spanish Grand Prix p.m., tidied up house a little, and about to start dinner.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Only kidding Jen, we don’t mind really…

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