Being positive

My foul mood is slowly dissapating and being replaced by a curious mix of apathy and mild hysteria. You know the type when things get so bad the only option left is to laugh. I also find a small element of positive thinking creeping in, excuse me while I kick that into touch.


That’s better, no place for anything positive in my thoughts at the moment. I’m trying to capture my mood and feelings from last night, and re-reading the email I drafted, but didn’t send, seems to have done the trick.

I should, at this juncture (and in light of other well documented cases of ‘blogs-gone-wrong’) point out that the company I work for isn’t too bad, it’s just that things are a tad tight at the moment. A lot of the decisions being made are being dictated by external forces but if we all pull together we will get things sorted.


How the heck did that sneak back in??