Scaredy Cat

Went out on my bike today, we live at the top of a big hill, so going down it is fun. Actually going down it is downright dangerous and scary. At one point I thought I was going to fall off as I realised I was going too fast for the roundabout at the bottom. When I got off the bike later on my shoulders were stiff, my forearms aching. I remember riding down a similar hill in Dumbarton when I was younger, I don’t remember thinking I might fall off, in fact the main thought at my head was “I MUST be doing at LEAST 50 mph…”. I’m trying to pinpoint when the fear arrived. If I had kept riding bikes, would I be as scared and tentative as I am now? Think I need to find a nice quiet cycle path somewhere, preferably with a nice long run off at the bottom of the hills. I’m getting old.

Been tidying up my home PC, and creating a couple of icons, and working on a WinAmp 3 skin. Think it might be a bit out of my league but I’m determined, despite the fact I’m no artist, and no scripter. I’m thinking of posting updates now and again as a way of tracking my progress, and as a way of showing you all how crap I really am – but I’m sure you’ll be nice to me, right… RIGHT?

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