waferbaby ~ fusion. Join the fusion. I mean if an artistically challenged, clam handed goof like me can have a go, why can’t you?

Walked to the station this morning, about 25 minute walk in the pouring, no deluging rain (you know what I mean, right?). It’s amazing what you think about and it really helps clear my brain, woke up in a foul mood. By the time I got to the station I was calm. I’d ponder about work and what I need to do, about some stuff I really need to do at home, possible holidays for us this year.

Yes, a long walk in the rain really makes you realise things, most specifically that I need waterproof shoes, and a new jacket! Thank goodness I was in early, not a pretty sight to see first thing in the morning, a semi-naked Gordon trying to dry his clothes under the hand dryer…

To Blogger Pro, or not to Blogger Pro. As my site has been kinda dead for the past months or so, I think I’ll wait and re-do my calculations before deciding. Plus the fact that at the moment my house is sucking up all my monies, so anything to do with this site as to be classed under “frivolous”.