Quiet weekend. Relaxed. Did some packing (27th July can’t come quick enough now). Spent Saturday wandering round shops and garden centres (exciting, huh..) dreaming about our new garden, and what we are going to do, we figure we’ll need to get about 3 acres to fit in the pool, basketball court, etc etc.

We also rented three movies, the type we never really got around to seeing at the cinema.

1. Unbreakable: Hmmmm, strange, watchable but strange.

2. Girl, Interrupted: Excellent, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Winona Ryder in anything and I’d forgotten how good she is. Angelina Jolie was, as she was rewarded, mesmerising, playing the powerful yet powerless Lisa.

3. High Fidelity: disappointing after the book, but still an easy going, watchable film. John Cusack is his routinely excellent self, but still gives me the impression that he is waiting for ‘the’ script. Like he is holding something back. It’s almost like he is… acting. Does that make sense?

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