Pride Earned?

Should’ve posted this yesterday (also posted on speechtherapy : )

From an outsider’s point of view (i.e. the rest of the world, although I am only speaking for me… obviously) the American ‘pride’ in being American is a strange thing. Tell me, what did you fight for to gain that pride? Who were your rulers? Where is the history of suffering that is now over that still burns underneath your passion for America. We are told that America is the best county in the world. The most powerful, the most successful, etc etc. But why? Where is the substance to this argument? There are more people in China, more inventions created in Scotland (well the major ones anyway), Australians are better are sport, etc etc. Yes you can argue against these modern day comparisons, but you can’t argue against history. I am proud to be Scottish as we survived under the rule of the English for longer than America has existed. Where does the pride come from?