Relaxed, calm, sunburnt, and quite possible still drunk/hungover…

Me and few thousand others will be thinking back to the weekend already, the glorious sunshine, the lumps of carbon cooking on the BBQ, the ice cold beer, the smell of aftersun. All that and it’s only May.

This glorious weekend was tempered only by the installation of my new Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (one of the new ‘ball-less’ mice). I hate having a clunky mouse, leaping randomly from pixel to pixel instead of following the smooth arc my hand is painting on my mousemat. This was the beginning of a new calm me (as prompted by someone else, she knows who she is) and I would no longer curse my mouse when it got ‘stuck’ a pixel away from the one I wanted to be on. It was ‘Plug & Play’ compatible, so I plugged it in and waited…. then there it was – BLUE SCREEN!!! Ehh? what? it’s a mouse!!… Re-boot in Safe Mode- BLUE SCREEN. Last known good configuration – BLUE SCREEN… what the heck?!

So that’s been the story of my day, reinstalling Windows 2000, and all my software (it failed to repair, and even on reinstall failed to pick up my old user account). Bahh… still the sun has crept back out… Woo Hoo!

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