Greener Grass

Sun is shining (weather is sweet), makes you wanna move your dancin’ feet!

Was musing to a friend that since I returned from San Francisco, I’m questioning why I would want to stay in Scotland. We had things MUCH better when we stayed down south (financially, socially, weatherly) but why limit it to England. America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (uhhh except for all that snow….). As I’ve stated to others I’m going hang here for a couple of months until things pan out, but the trouble is the new job information is so accessible, and even something basic like a salary comparison is easy… depressing but easy. Still it’s not just about the money. Right? …RIGHT???!!

Next redesign started last night, got the square sum of nothing done, but did manage to get a couple of scripts working (hey I’ve only been working on them for about 2 years….)