I fully expect to be aching by the end of the weekend. Beer tonight (hey it’s Friday you know…), then helping friends move into their new flat. Probably more beer, then a very quiet day on Sunday which will no doubt turn into an Xmas shopping day. I’m almost looking forward to Monday already!

I’m currently becoming quite apathetic towards many things, anything involving pressure that is… I’m seriously considering the Ostrich approach, and if I decide to take that route, I will make sure everyone knows it! (You and I both know that I won’t but it’s a nice thought isn’t… just bury your head in the sand whilst the bombs go off overhead… ahhh bliss….).

Anyway, leaping back to reality… pressure at work will be.. icky.. next week. So I apologies for anything I say here, I fully expect to be venting my stress and frustration on you dear reader – apologies in advance.

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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