Ohh I’m WAY busier than you..

Due to product release pressures I've not had much time to look at the new version of Author-it, let alone get the SQL database setup so the rest of my team can get it installed and starting having a play. Whilst we are getting some training organised, I'm confident that we are smart enough to


I started this blog, this website, purely to see if I could. It wasn't really about the writing/publishing/conversation at that time, it was only about me. I'd already started jotting down my thoughts (for various reasons) and despite the rambling nature of them I did find that it helped. The process of vocalising and externalising

Present tense

I wish people would stop asking me, I really don't know and whilst I can always give suggestions I really honestly don't need anything. Can we just not do the whole present thing? I am, of course, talking about my upcoming birthday. Now I'm fairly well off, I can afford most of what I want

What’s in a name?

Every company is unique. Every company has their own processes, their own documents and, of course, their own language. That language is part of the culture and if you don't embrace the new language it's likely that there will always be friction and, worse, misunderstanding in the future. Take, for example, the process documents you


Just a quick blog post to note that this morning we heard the first 'ding' of this coming season, when our car tells us the temperature has dropped to 3C (or below). No frost yet, but it can't be far away. And, is it just me, or did we suddenly enter Autumn bang on October

And I did run

Last night, after a gloriously sunny day, the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened. Why does that phrase always making me think that God is peeing on us (or all of the angels? I dunno...)? Anyway, the rain raineth on the just, which is apt as I only just made it in time to

Once Upon a Time

We are nearing the end of a release cycle and will soon be starting the next set of workstreams and, excitingly, we've managed to push the involvement of the technical writers right up to the early design stages. What does this mean? Roughly speaking the process of creating the stories is one part of the


It appears I have lost my words. I'm sure I've just left them somewhere, carelessly abandoned without thought. I'm sure I shouldn't really panic too much, knowing they'll turn up like an odd sock at the bottom of the wash basket, and I'm certain that it is probably a good thing they've chosen this moment

Part of the product

Last week we held a shortened Kaizen-style event in which we discussed the requirements capture part of our product lifecycle. It was an interesting couple of days which yielded a new process that we think is an improvement on the previous one. That makes it sound very simple, it certainly wasn't, but it was a

Autumn Muse

The once billowing grass is gone, shorn from existence, ripped from green to dirt by savage machinery. Under dripping trees at the edge of the field stands the farmer, admiring the close crop of the land as it ripples towards the horizon across the furrows of once turned soil. Standing at the top of the

UA Conference – Takeaway Thoughts

Attending a conference is a mixed bag of experiences yet regardless of your knowledge in certain areas it is always a worthwhile to meet up with your peers and discuss the various common issues, gripes, moans and solutions that we all share. I was also lucky enough to bump into some ex-colleagues and to meet

No read-ey, no write-y!

Dearest Reader, (Yes, that's you) I'll keep this as simple as I can. In my previous post I stated, quite clearly, that I would be taking "the opportunity to confirm that I will not be starting to write a novel (or even a novella)". I realise my mixing of positive and negative actions in the

UA Conference Notes – Day 2

Notes and thoughts from Day 2 of the User Assistance Conference Session 1 - Juliette Fleming - XML Tagging and Search Facets An early start for an interesting session in which Juliette outlined how Oracle have introduced search Facets to their online help system. Essentially a facet is a tagged chunk of information or help

Obligatory Busyness post

As we head for another product release it is only fair that I warn you that I am stooooopidly busy over the next three weeks, and not just at work. I've been lucky enough to bag some web design work and have just gotten off the phone with yet another person asking for some of