TICAD 2007

The following sources were used to help compile my presentation to the TICAD 2007 conference, I hope you find them as useful, inspiring and educational as I did.

You can view the slides from the presentation here.

Is There a Documentation Wiki In Your Future?

(The post that prompted my post that prompted Ann to suggest to Sarah that I might speak at TICAD.. phew..)

Primarily looking at using a Wiki externally for customer facing information, an excellent discussion post by two of the smartest people in our field.

Wiki is the new FAQ

“As many have said, this is not about technology. It’s not about the size of the community. It’s about a different way of thinking around how to interact with the community.”

Evolving a Wiki

A presentation with some good ideas on how to build on a successful Wiki.

An Adoption Strategy for Social Software in the Enterprise

“Wikis are a very powerful tool within enterprise, but like any other IT project, it takes thought and planning to ensure successful adoption.”

Making the Case for a Wiki

A look at the technical requirements to be considered when choosing a Wiki, includes a comparison table of the more popular packages.

How to hold meetings on a Wiki

“While a traditional meeting can last as little as a dozen minutes, the time-distributed nature of a ‘wiki meeting’ makes it necessary to allocate at least one day, depending on how busy team members are with urgent projects. Don’t expect people to drop everything and participate on a wiki discussion.”

Why Wikis should replace email for collaboration

“email isn’t a good collaboration tool, and using a wiki can return email to it’s proper use, such as when I send you a message to tell you the wiki page with our document is ready for your input. Then, if I have a great idea I can add it to the wiki page, which ensures you’ll see it when you look at that same wiki page.”

Managing Wikis In Business

A wiki about an MBA Project researching the management of wikis in business which “indicates that wikis have provided platforms for collaborative and emergent behaviour, enabling people to work/communicate more efficiently and effectively, learn from past experience and share knowledge/ideas in organisational contexts that are not averse to collaboration.”

Wiki-fy your Doc Set

Slides from a presentation by Ann Gentle, discussing the advantages and gotchas surrounding moving your published documentation into a customer accessible Wiki. I’d also suggest you check, and bookmark, her blog.

If you have any further questions about my presentation, or just want to say hi, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from any of the attendees.