Pushing down on me, pushing down on you, no man ask for..

Top tune that. Greatest band in the world, don’t ya know.

So, how’s yer bum for lovebites? As an Irish friend was wont to say.

Remember how I said about the possibility of things getting a little mental and how the next few weeks would just be perfect if we managed to sell the house? How I’m away at a conference for three days, have one website design to finish, and two other clients asking for some new work, not to mention the usual commitments at work (although they can take a hike) and birthdays to remember (I might have to apologise right now Dad, I know you’ll understand), etcetera etcetera etcetera…

Guess what.

A young couple viewed the house, and after a double check of a couple of things and a second viewing they made an offer and, in the style of a certain latin american fruit tycoon, we said YES!

They are first time buyers, already had a sale in place but the seller pulled out earlier this week. Bonus points to us for not having a chain, and having a house that is in ‘walk in’ condition.

Moving date to be agreed but aiming for early October.

So, anyone got any spare boxes? Or wanna come help pack? Or help me find somewhere to live?

Now, if you’ll excuse me for a moment..


Ahem. I’m “quite pleased”.