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Wait, that’s not right.

Ahhh yes “You’re the ‘inspiration'”, ahhh the joys of the misheard lyric. However the misheard holds the truth for, dear reader, despite having a lot of ideas for posts, and a few things I need to do as well, I’ve had little inclination over the past week or so (e.g. posts about – my MacBook, my ‘paid’ post, a ‘new PC’ post that has been languishing for months and so on).

There is one reason for this, something so fundamental that it is having a dramatic effect on my computer usage. My internet connection has started acting up.

And yes, I’m aware of the irony.

Technically speaking it’s not the internet connection itself but the installation of a wireless router that is causing the problem. Ohh I wasn’t going to do this just yet but, hey, what the hell. You take inclination where you find it…