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For a few years now I’ve randomly been checking the WHOIS records for the mclean.co.uk domain, and throughout that time it’s sat there, holding nothing but adverts and any attempt by me to contact the owner with a view to purchasing said domain for a “reasonable” fee have fallen on increasingly deaf ears.

Yes, it’s pure vanity/ego at play but I did have plans to offer email addresses to my entire family (and a few cousins too) so it wasn’t entirely unselfish. My Mum and Dad have done a lot of genealogy research which was something else I had toyed with hosting under that domain name.

And now, it’s gone. Bought (for a stupid fee no doubt) by a record company.

I’m a bit pissed off about the whole thing to be honest.

Yes I know the person who originally bought the domain name was entirely within their rights. Yes when you visit this very site you will see that I have adverts here although I’d counter that with the small fact that I provide content as well (even if the quality is rarely all that high), and yes he didn’t have to sell it to me just because I wanted it.

I get all that.

It’s just… well, it’s fucking annoying. Alright?

Never fear though as I have a cunning plan. I’m going to find a domain name that no-one has yet bought, purchase it and change my name! Ha ha! That’ll teach those annoying domain squatters.


Gordonisawesome (c/o www.gordonisawesome.co.uk)

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If you are squeamish when it comes to the whole “burning metal” “eye” “doctor” “clamps” type thing (the “eye” bit especially) then do NOT go and read Alan’s latest posts. Well do, obviously, cos they are well writ. But I’ll fully admit that I can’t read the last two paragraphs of part three of his story. Physically can’t do it.. ick ick ick.

Why do the fingernails of one hand get dirtier than the other?

If the store is not open, why let us walk in through the front doors, descending the escalators and, amidst the staff stocking the shelves, let us start filling our shopping baskets? There were around 5 or 6 other customers wandering around the food court in M&S this morning, and only after five minutes or so did one of the members of staff deign to tell us that, actually, sorry, but the store isn’t open yet. So I went three doors down and got my stuff in Tescos.

Having bought several t-shirts online, why can’t I find similar stores that sell shirts? Smart, casual shirts for everyday wearing is what I’m after. A bit bored of polo shirts. Cost, originality, and longevity are king. Loud patterns and ‘hot fashion’ are out.

Upcoming posts on this blog:

  • The reconstruction of self prompted by Hg
  • Why I’m not buying a Mac (boy, that’ll be a fun one)
  • Commenting, what’s all the fuss?

Which camera should I buy, a Canon G7 or something else??

Sometimes when I’m settling down to work, I struggle to pick the “right” music. Why is this?

I have a blog design to complete, it’s taken me flippin ages, far far longer than intended but no matter how many times I visited it I got stuck. Lesson: make sure I’M fully happy with what is expected, and that the client provides firm ideas of what they want. Or I end up just designing things that *I* like. Speaking of which, I have a new design for this site waiting in the wings, just need to find some time to switch it over. One man designs is slowly moving forward… ohh that reminds me, need to update THAT site too…

Current fashion: Those knee-high white boots all the girlies are wearing, what is THAT all about? Who started that and does everyone realise who ghastly it looks? (says the high doyen of fashion here…)

And finally, www.mclean.co.uk is STILL being sat on and all attempts to email the person sitting on it have failed. A letter is being sent to the WHOIS registered address. This is really bugging me now. I WANT THAT DOMAIN!

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If you have a .com you can’t opt-out from whois searches like you can with .co.uk domains?

It was just brought to my attention, and once I’d stopped freaking out (my address was writ large on the interwebnet via a WHOIS search for chrissakes!) I just went and changed the details. I would like to apologise to Andrew who, after bringing this to my attention was accused of … well nevermind all that. Suffice to say I have already sent a grovelling apology.

Anyway, just a heads up for anyone who, like me, used a service to register a .com domain. They’ll just dump your contact details right in there for you and all the world to see.


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