Reading time: 2 mins About a year ago, maybe more, I started writing (sporadically) in a journal and I’m quite surprised that I’ve kept it going, even though how I use it has changed. I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing, this blog is testimony to that, but even before there was this place called the internet which I […]

Revisiting the basics

Reading time: 2 mins There are some fundamentals tenets of our profession that are widely accepted. One being that you always need to know your audience before y can begin to understand their needs and so produce the information that they require. The reason I mention this is because, whilst it’s something very basic and is deeply grained in […]

Conversation V.I.P.s

Reading time: 4 mins Revisiting an old post over on the Cherryleaf blog, where Ellis was prompted to ask “Can technical authors be part of ‘the conversation’ in the connected Web 2.0 world that’s emerging?” (excuse the paraphrasing). As a long-term blogger, and someone who believes that there are many tools in the Web 2.0 world that can and […]

Seven Years

Reading time: < 1 min 1999 – where it all began. 2000 ish 2001 ish 2002 ish 2003 2004 2005 Blimey, that’s an epic amount of rubbish I’ve posted, and a hugely huge waste of time (mine and yours) that I’ve managed to perpetuate. Actually that’s not true. Personally I’ve come a long way in seven years, far from the […]

Don't do it!

Reading time: < 1 min They say you shouldn’t post if you have nothing to say. But what if all you have to say is “sorry, can’t be arsed”? And what if your own conscience meant that, despite not having much to say, you felt you had to post just to let people know that they don’t need to worry, […]


Reading time: < 1 min Survived. Just. Not sure how well my legs will function in the morning though. And whilst I’m here I’d like to thank the person that sent me a book from my wishlist (Alasdair Gray – Lanark). I have a few suspicions of WHO sent me it but as you didn’t say who you were when […]