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Home last night to view the latest bathroom work and we now have gyproc’d walls, floorboards and a bath. A great big, deep, long, WHITE, bath with centre mounted taps.

We also have a very dusty cat.

Whilst part of me knows that cliches are such because they are, usually, true, there is no doubting the fact that curiosity is very much in the nature of a cat. I think he’s explored every single inch of the stripped out bathroom that he can reach, including clambering up onto the windowsill to stick his head up the gap where the pipe work disappears into the loft and if he’d been able to I’ve no doubt he’d have clambered up in there.

He’s obviously a little stressed too with men in the house all day, thumping and crashing about, not to mention all the new smells and that big climbing frame that is currently in the hall (the stack of boxes containing tiles, sinks and other bathroom parts).

Oll-E does two things when he’s a bit stressed, he sleeps a lot and becomes a right wee sook *.

Whilst most nights he’ll sleep, well anywhere he wants really, including the occasionally venture onto the foot of the bed, last night found me lying on my side with a small black furry creature, purring loudly enough to wake the dead (but not Louise) curled up in the gap between my stomach and the edge of the bed.

Which is very cute but makes rolling over a tad tricky!

Cat Life

Dewey Colour System (via Phoxxe via Catherine).

BLUE PURPLE WHITE: You’re a Problem Solver
You are constantly considering what else each person or situation requires. You want to know what is missing. During this period of mulling things over, others might view you as passive or quiet.


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